The Fork in the Road Story

Mark and Krystal Story
In the beginning it was an idea, a plan to expand into the full-service niche of the restaurant industry. In 1996, Mark and Kara Peterson, along with Krystal Burge made that story a reality when they bought the Dambar and Steakhouse in Kingman Arizona. The Dambar was built in 1966 and has remained a pillar of the Kingman community throughout the years. Located on Historic Route 66, the Dambar is a unique landmark. To preserve this landmark, Mark and Krystal were careful in their renovations and maintained the character and authenticity of the original restaurant. The Dambar’s story has only just begun and it continues to develop as time moves forward.

This story of quality, character and tradition has remained the same with each new addition to the Fork in the Road family of restaurants. Murphy’s was added in 1997 and provides a story of vintage, gourmet and quality as a landmark in Prescott Arizona. The Office, Gurley Street Grill, Mattinas, The Kingman Airport Cafe and the Hualapai Mountain Lodge all have their own story to tell as they became members of Fork in the Road over the years.

All of our restaurants were previously established entities that have been adopted and adapted into the Fork in the Road family. Each restaurant is unique in what they offer and the atmosphere they provide. It is the main goal of the company to maintain the aspects of each restaurant that make it what it is. We wish to preserve the story and the qualities of the restaurants that have been bringing people in the door for years. Fork in the Road is always growing and changing, learning and adapting. We take pride in offering amazing customer service and always exceeding expectations of hospitality. A visit to any of our Fork in the Road locations is guaranteed to be mouthwatering and memorable.